The Lowside Of Hooligan Racing At The Moto Beach Classic

The Moto Beach Classic was started by Roland Sands as a way to bring hooligan racing to the masses with live music, vendors, and a huge party right on the sand in Huntington Beach, California. This event goes to show how far the Super Hooligan series has come, from humble beginnings to now thousands of people watching in a huge venue.

As the racers have gotten faster, the crowds have grown bigger, and so have the prizes. This makes for more serious competition in a sport that was built around comradery, so we talked to some of the original hooligan racers as well as a first-year competitor to see if the sport is still as fun, or if the high level of competition has let the desire to win outweigh the spirit of fellowship on the track.

Video by Bert Beltran

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